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New Utility Water Treatment Production

Progress is nearing completion on two new membrane filtration water treatment units. These treatment units are new technology and require very little if any pre chemical treatment. They will also improve efficiency and cost less to operate. They should both be on line in February 2016. Total production for these two treatment skids will be 2.4 million gallon per day (MGD). The current water treatment production using two up-flow clarifier treatment units is also 2.4 MGD. This will be a total production of 4.8 MGD in this water treatment facility. The old conventional treatment facility will product 4 MGD. The utility will have a total water treatment production of 8.8 MGD. The Arkansas Department of Health regulation for chlorine contact time (CT) will only allow 9 MGD production based on the current utility clear well contact time. Any future treatment additions will require substantial new and expensive water treatment infrastructure.